mayonnaise in small serving bowl

Is Mayonnaise Gluten Free?

Wondering if mayonnaise is free from gluten?

If we're talking traditional mayonnaise, the answer to the question 'is mayonnaise gluten free?' would be a very plain and clear 'yes'. After all, traditional mayonnaise contains just a few ingredients - typically eggs, oil and a vinegar/lemon juice - none of which contain gluten. Confusion arises when we buy store-bought mayo, with some brands choosing gluten-containing ingredients (such as malt vinegar) and cross-contamination a risk factor during the production process.

In most cases your bottle of mayonnaise will be naturally free from gluten but it pays to look at the ingredients list, or better yet, choose a mayonnaise that states it’s gluten free on the label - like this one from Ozganics Australia. Not only does the jar state that the mayonnaise is in fact gluten free, Ozganics are fastidious with their ingredients and production methods. They make their mayo with organic free range whole eggs, cold-pressed high Oleic Sunflower oil and lemon juice in a dedicated gluten-free facility.